Tateworld Toyshop Minecraft Map

Map is 1.8.3+ only DO NOT attempt to play this map in earlier versions of minecraft. The toyshop is a POP Art mixed media work of Art that uses real toys, doors and windows. The window has been meticulously recreated … read more


A Tate World Adventure Map Trailer :The Pool of London:

Full details of project and download: As Featured in: BBC Technology: Wired: Gaurdian read more


Poisoned Water Using /Stat

  Commands: Setup: 1. /scoreboard objectives add Water dummy 2. /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar Water Run once for each new player 3. /scoreboard players set @a Water 0 4. /stats entity @a set SuccessCount @p Water Clock: Top – /fill ~ ~-1 … read more


Bottled Lightning. Summon random lightning in Minecraft 1 8 – YouTube

Bottled Lightning. Summon random lightning in Minecraft 1 8 – YouTube. Charge up your batteries with lighting;-) Commands: execute @p[score_lightning_min=1] ~ ~ ~ summon Silverfish 10482 118 10100 {Silent:1b,CustomName:lightning,ActiveEffects:[{Id:14,Duration:999999,Ambient:1}]} /scoreboard players add @e[name=lightning] timer 1 /spreadplayers 10479 10097 5 50 … read more

The Silent tag

Jus a quick update before I forget… Trazlander just mentioned you can now make mobs silent by summoning then with a silent tag. Try it for yourself: /summon Villager ~ ~ ~ {Silent:1b} p.s hit it read more


Custom Gamerules Variable with QueryResult – Minecraft 1.8 – YouTube

/gamerule Query 1121223232 /gamerule Query /scoreboard objectives add Query dummy /scoreboard players set @a Query 0 /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar Query /stats entity @a set QueryResult @p Query Bouncy Steve: Face your RAGE DOWNLOAD: TRON Fire Run of … read more